A New Partnership: Virtuse Exchange and Blockchain Technologies SPC

By Virtuse Exchange

Virtuse Exchange and Blockchain Technologies enter into a new strategic partnership to provide maximum security to clients against external risks.

Based in the Cayman Islands, Blockchain Technologies is a pioneer of institutional grade digital investment funds. With Virtuse ready to launch a next-generation crypto exchange breaking the ice between the financial and crypto world, the partnership is beneficial for both parties in instilling trust within the crypto community.

Virtuse Exchange creates a bridge between the old world of finance and the crypto world. The platform will initially operate in a centralized fashion, supporting traditional cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as issuing the new currencies. In order for this to succeed, Virtuse has started cooperation with institutional investors to act as liquidity providers and attract major market makers and volume investors, which will ensure ample liquidity on the platform. The core innovation of the platform is to make hard-to-reach physical assets such as gold, oil, stocks, and energy available for small traders.

The platform converts physical assets into DACTs (Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens). Meaning, tokens are backed by real assets and controlled automatically without the possibility of human error. The value of the DACTs is mirrored by the development of physical asset prices. Investors large and small will benefit from the growth of the underlying asset value.

Yet, Virtuse CEO Ras Vasilisin reminds, many crypto exchange projects have faced trouble shortly after the commencement of real trading due to security concerns. To prevent this, the Virtuse Exchange platform has undergone extensive stress tests to ensure the processing of 20,000 transactions per second without ‘freezing’ is viable. There are experienced developers and security specialists behind the platform, and White Hat Hacker testing as well.

“From the very beginning and [in] every aspect we are trying to build the project on the best building foundations that the global crypto world offers. Partnering with top-notch know-how in the industry, like Blockchain Technologies, we guarantee our investors trust will not be endangered anyhow”, said founder and Virtuse Exchange CEO Ras Vasilisin.

“The partnership with Blockchain Technologies is expected to extend to external management and custody of traded crypto assets. It will ultimately confirm the resistance of our infrastructure,” added Vasilisin.

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Written by Virtuse Exchange. Our mission is to break down those barriers and let everyone participate in global markets at any level of investment without having to pay intermediaries.