Virtuse Exchange — SLIM Profiling

There are in fact problems all round in the crypto markets these days. Looking at the main players, and even newcomers. Investor’s sentiment is leading towards a new term called SLIM — Security, Liquidity, Innovativeness, and Money to Start. In our article on the phenomenon of “ICO Klondike”, we stressed on the requirements for an exchange to be successful. We […]

Don´t applaud the disaster named Bitcoin ETF

By Ras Vasilisin There is enormous market appetite for Bitcoin ETF and even though such a product is imminent, its consequences for the crypto markets could be disastrous. Over the last decades, Wall Street has managed to perfect the art of leverage-based financialization. Global banks and large hedge funds effectively created several times more financial […]

5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Stories in 2018/2019

The US government still seems unfamiliar with crypto adoption with their latest bill introduction. Bakkt, a bitcoin futures and custody platform created by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), will face yet another delay. Blockchain Transparency Institute and Kaspersky have reported market volume manipulation and cryptojacking. Find out more about the latest crypto market comment at our detailed article. […]