The Elephant-chain Syndrome In Cryptocurrencies — We Have ‘Whales’ And Now ‘Elephants’ Too

By Ras Vasilisin Elephant-chain syndrome is a term used in psychology and although it has been used to describe the process of “taming an elephant,” it applies to humans too. Here’s an excerpt from the book titled “Break Your Invisible Chains” by Brandon Telg, Dr Jaron Jones and Carly Barnes, which provides an example of the […]

Virtuse Exchange Will Save Investors From “Investor Protection”, A Broken Financial System, And Favoritism To Accredited Investors

By Virtuse Exchange The CEO of Virtuse, Ras Vasilisin, spoke at Blockfest Asia 2018 in Kuala Lumpur on tokenization and the need to remove barriers to entry for the $300 trillion global investment market. SINGAPORE, Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Virtuse Exchange recently co-sponsored Blockfest Asia 2018 in Kuala Lumpur and CEO and Founder of Rastislav Vasilisin spoke on […]

Crypto — People Are Questioning Thee

By Tomáš Kurtanský Even though cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream — they need to fight and regain the confidence of investors, the public, and the media. According to ING’s International Survey, at least 60% of Americans, Europeans, and Australians are knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. But only 8% of Americans and 9% of Europeans own any cryptocurrency. Here’s the big question, […]

The Cryptocurrency Regulation Conundrum

By Ras Vasilisin Since the stellar bitcoin year of 2017, there has been much debate about cryptocurrency regulation and the causes of instability in the markets. Critics of regulations usually argue that it’s too costly and dangerous, while proponents of regulatory policies claim that the regulations themselves carry great benefits.